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Travelling over Christmas/New Year? Don't miss out!

Travelling over Christmas/New Year? Don't miss out!

Travelling over the Christmas/New Year period? Safe travels!

Thursday 5 December 2013

For Australians travelling over the Christmas and New Year period, please ensure that your Australian passport has sufficient validity and visa pages before you make travel plans. Many countries require a passport to have six months validity or more.

If you need a new Australian passport before Christmas please submit your application by 9 December. We expect that your passport would then be available for collection by 24 December.

Don't miss out as we are taking some breaks over this period. We wish everyone happy, safe and stress-free travels!

Hours of operation over the Christmas and New Year period are:

  • Monday 23 December - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm
  • Tuesday 24 December - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm
  • Wednesday 25 December - Closed (Christmas Day)
  • Thursday 26 December - Closed
  • Friday 27 December - Closed
  • Monday 30 December - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm
  • Tuesday 31 December - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm
  • Wednesday 1 January - Closed
  • Thursday 2 January - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm
  • Friday 3 January - OPEN 08:30am-04:00pm

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