Australian High Commission

Supporting the Australian bushfires relief effort

We have been touched by the concern and generosity of our friends here in Singapore and offer our heartfelt thanks. The support of the Singapore Air Force Chinook helicopters in Australia is deeply appreciated and underscores the strength and depth of our bilateral relationship.  The wider community here is responding generously, with businesses, groups and individuals coming together to offer support.  

We are responding to community inquiries about how to help by suggesting a range of registered Australian charities and organisations which are accepting donations, noting that the Australian High Commission in Singapore is not able to process donations or offers of support.  These charities and organisations include State-based fire brigades, the Australian Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Wires, which is an organisation that helps injured wildlife. 

Australian charities

While acknowledging that generous donations are coming from a place of kindness, people are urged to pledge money instead of goods, clothing or perishable food. Financial donations can be made directly to emergency service agencies or to various charities such as:

Very sadly, we have been informed that there are some scams being promoted online as fundraisers or posing as legitimate charities during the Australian bushfires. If you are planning to donate in support of Australian fire recovery efforts, ensure the charity is registered by searching the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's register at

We are very grateful for the outpouring of support for Australia and the Australian people including the many offers of assistance and donations being made from all around the world to support bushfire recovery and our wildlife that has been so badly impacted. To Australia’s many friends and supporters throughout the world who are asking, ‘How can we help?’ we say: keep buying Australian, keep visiting Australia, keep investing in Australia.