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Services for Australians - Passports

Appointment System

Appointment Bookings

Appointment bookings are required for passport applications and notarial services. Clients without an appointment will only be seen in exceptional circumstances.   Appointments can be booked here (  Appointments for passport applications are between 8:45am to 3:15pm Monday to Friday.  Most Notarial services are available between 8:45am and 11:30am Monday to Friday, and depending upon the type of service, this may vary.

Appointment Bookings - more information including booking policy is available here

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Passport Services

Passport interviews are conducted at the Australian High Commission in Singapore between 8:45am and 3:15pm, Monday to Friday, excluding some Singapore and Australian Public Holidays via the appointment system available here.

Passport clients are advised that all Passport application forms (simplified Adult Renewal PC7 and PC8) must be lodged in person. Passport forms can be completed online at Please complete the form and print it to bring with you for your appointment.

The requirement that all applicants attend an interview is mandated by Australian national standards for identity management.
Child applications are to be lodged by one parent or guardian with parental responsibility. Children under the age of 16 do not need to accompany the parent to the interview.

Please note that there is no priority processing service offered at the Australian High Commission Singapore.

We aim to issue passports within three weeks of receipt of a complete application, namely an application form completed correctly with all the required supporting documents, including photographs which meet the guidelines.

At the interview you will elect to either have your new passports delivered by registered mail within Singapore or to collect from our office.

Please carefully review all of the information provided below before attending the Passports Office at the Embassy. 

The Australian Passport Office has commissioned a new series of videos about apply for and using an Australian passport. The videos are available for viewing at the following link: 

Please visit the Australian Passport Office website for more information at the following address:

Consular Assistance

The Consular Services Charter sets the standards of service you can expect from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade when seeking consular assistance. For information about collecting your personal information please read the Consular Privacy Collection Statement.

Australians adopting in Singapore

Australians considering adopting a non-Singapore citizen child whilst living in Singapore are advised to email before starting the adoption process. Australian migration requirements in respect of adopted children are quite specific, and an adoption that does not meet these legal criteria may result in the child not being able to migrate to Australia nor acquire Australian citizenship. To meet migration visa requirements, amongst other criteria, Australians would be expected to have adopted a non-Singapore citizen child through the formal and legal adoption process in the child’s home country – a Singapore court adoption order for a non-Singapore citizen child is unlikely to meet Australia’s migration requirements.

Applying for a Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower may require evidence from the Australian Government regarding de facto relationships for de facto spouses applying for a Long Term Visit Pass.

De facto relationships are a matter determined by a range of circumstances which cannot be confirmed through an Australian statutory declaration. 

If a client wishes to make a declaration regarding their de facto relationship, they should complete a local statutory declaration in front of a Notary or other authorised individual as well as downloading and providing a copy of the generic ‘De Facto Relationship Letter’ (available to download on the Smartraveller website.

Please note that the Australian High Commission cannot issue individual letters for de facto spouses or witness a statutory declaration regarding their de facto status.   

Consular Useful Links

Smartraveller Travel Advice

Description: Description: are reminded to visit the Smartraveller website to review the travel advice before travelling overseas to prepare for their upcoming trip and to take responsibility for themselves when travelling overseas.

With Australians continuing to travel in ever-increasing numbers, with almost 10 million trips taken in the last financial year, the Smartraveller message continues to be critically important – ‘be informed, be prepared’.

While most Australians travel safely, and take appropriate precautions, the number of Australians seeking consular assistance continues to rise. A large number of these cases could have been prevented with the right preparation, planning and taking out comprehensive travel insurance.


You can now submit feedback to us on our Consular, Notarial and Passport services by completing our online feedback form.  Click here for more information.

Contact Details

The Consular & Passports section is located on the third floor of the Australian High Commission and is open between 8:30am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding some Singapore and Australian Public Holidays.

For email enquiries please use the following address:

For telephone enquiries please call +65 6836 4282 during business hours. For emergency assistance out of hours please call +65 6836 4100 and follow the prompts to transfer to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hotline, call direct on +61 6261 3305 or send an SMS to +61 421 269 080.