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Frequently Asked Questions - Processing your Application

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Processing your application

Will my previous passport be returned to me after applying for a new passport?

Your previous passport will be cancelled and returned to you.

How long does it take to renew a passport?

The minimum standard processing time for passport renewal is three weeks. As passports are printed in Australia, we are unable to offer a priority processing service or confirm the exact date the passport will be ready for collection or delivery.

Can I retain my current passport while the new one is being processed?

You may retain your passport while we process your application. If you are collecting your passport in person, you will need to bring in the existing passport for cancellation prior to your new passport being activated. Passports delivered via registered post in Singapore will be active from point of issue in Australia. Your existing passport will auto-cancel after 30 days.

Can I pay the Priority Processing Fee to have a passport issued quicker?

No, priority processing service is not available in Singapore. The priority processing service is only available in Australia.

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