Australian High Commission

Notarial Services

What are Notarial services?

Notarial services are legal processes. The law in most countries require that a signature on a document be witnessed or other procedures applied before the document can be used for legal purposes or in a court of law.
Notarial services include:

  • Authentications
  • Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage
  • Certifying copies of original documents
  • Witnessing signatures on certain documents
  • Affidavits, oaths and affirmations
  • Binding documents presented for authentication.

We provide these services where the documents are Australian in origin or for use in, or requested by, Australian organisations.

Alternative Providers of Notarial Services

A Consular Officer is not a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Notary Public.

Please check with the recipient of your document/s whether a signature by a Consular Officer is an acceptable substitute for a JP or Notary Public. If the end recipient of your document specifies that it must be signed/witnessed by a Notary Public, please contact the Singapore Society of Notaries at for a listing of Notaries in Singapore.

You may also wish to investigate whether your document can be witnessed by another professional in Singapore (for instance a local doctor or accountant), including one who may also have accreditation in Australia, for instance an Australian Chartered Accountant living in Singapore.