Australian High Commission

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

Australian's intending to get married in Singapore may need a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) to Marriage.


How to apply for a CNI in Singapore?

1. Prepare your supporting documentation

To apply for a CNI, you and your partner need to provide supporting documentation. At least one person applying for the CNI must be an Australian citizen.

  • If an Australian citizen, a valid Australian passport.
  • If a foreign citizen, a valid foreign passport, or valid photo identification
  • If either party is divorced, a Divorce Certificate for the previous marriage.
  • If either party is widowed, the deceased partner's Death Certificate.

Supporting documents must be originals, as we need to take copies from the originals and certify them to meet local Thai Government requirements.

If the documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by an English translation that's performed by a professional translator.

2. Complete the application form

Download and complete the application form for a certificate of no impediment to marriage (CNI).

  • You can print it and fill it in, or complete it electronically 
  • Don't use an eSignature. You'll need a consular official to watch you physically sign it.
  • If both parties are Australia citizens, you must each lodge separate applications, supporting documentation, and fees.

3. Please note, we are unable to edit the wording on a CNI.

Singapore Registry of Marriages (ROM) may request for a CNI to include both parties religions. DFAT does not have a record of individual's religions & we are unable to amend the wording on a CNI.

If this is the case you will be required to:

  • Complete a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration to declare both your religion & your spouse's religion (Fee applies)

 A Consular Officer can then prepare another document stating your declared religion (Fee applies).

4. Make an appointment and lodge your CNI application

Book an appointment with Australian High Commission, Singapore using Setmore

Please allow two business days after your appointment for the CNI to be ready for collection.