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Current passport delivery times

The Australian Passport Office (APO) is currently seeing strong demand for passports. For this reason, it is advising its customers to apply for or renew their passport well ahead of their planned travel dates. The APO is therefore recommending, at least for now, that they allow a minimum of six weeks to get a new passport. You may choose to collect at our office or have the passport delivered to you in Singapore. Please advise the interviewing officer at the time of your lodgement if you are travelling within the next 6 weeks. Please see Passports: Passport Collections (

Passports are printed in Australia so we are unable to offer a priority service in Singapore. Please see How long to get a passport | Australian Passport Office (


In cases of demonstrated need you can apply for a concurrent passport – a second passport of the same kind as your first – to facilitate international travel.  Approval is generally limited to cases where significant travel delays could be caused by waiting for visa(s) to be issued or when a destination country will not accept a passport showing evidence of travel to a third country.

Concurrent passports are issued for a maximum of three years and cost the same as a standard ten-year passport.  Applications are subject to approval and if we decide that you don’t qualify for a concurrent passport, your application fee is generally not refundable.  Fees are non-refundable.


To apply for a concurrent passport, you should first contact us to discuss your application and eligibility.  You can email us at [email protected] or call us on +65 6836 4100 (select option 2).