Australian High Commission

Passports: Fees

Passport applications lodged overseas incur an additional overseas application fee (overseas surcharge). This fee is included in the total fee on our Fee Table for each passport type.  To see the exact price of the overseas surcharge, visit the fee page at This fee does not apply to replacement passport and emergency passport applications.


Period beginning: 01 January  2019


 10 Years Validity Passport

 (For persons aged 18 and over)

 Adult  S $414

 10 Years Validity Passport

 (For persons aged 16 and 17)

 Child  S $347

 5 Years Validity Passport

 (For children under 16)

 Child  S $206

 5 Years Validity Passport

 (Optional for person 75+ only)

 Adult  S $273

Replacement Passport

 Adult  S $179



The fees above apply and are payable under the provisions of the Australian Passports (Application Fees) Act 2005 and the Australian Passports Determination 2005.

Fees must be paid by Visa or MasterCard. Cash and cheques are not accepted.