Australian High Commission

Land Transfers

Selling or buying land or property in Australia?

Australian states and territories have rules in relation to land or property transactions in Australia.  The person signing a property document must attend a face-to-face interview and have their identity verified.

It may be possible for a Singapore Notary Public to witness your signature on your document. You should check with the person or organisation which sent you the document to determine who is authorised to witness your signature.  A list of Notaries Public in Singapore is available through the Law Society of Singapore.      

The High Commission can provide you with a DFAT Identity Certificate and witness your signature on the Client Authorisation (or other relevant) form.   Please make an appointment to attend the High Commission and bring with you the following documentation:

  • a Client Authorisation form, or Transfer of Land form, or Mortgage of Land form (please complete the form but do not sign it before your appointment)
  • original identification documents (e.g. passport, Singapore ID card)
  • written instructions from you bank (for a Client Authorisation form, or a mortgage form), OR
  • written instructions from your legal representative in Australia (for a property transfer)

Without written instructions from your legal representative, the High Commission is unable to provide this service.

Instructions should follow the format below:

Dear Australian High Commission Singapore

I request your assistance with the following:

  • Witnessing of (insert name and quantity of each document) by a (insert persons who can witness, e.g. consular officer, consul, notary public)
  • The title reference and lot number of the property OR, if applicable; the words ‘The document does not include the title reference and lot number because… ‘(e.g. that property has yet to be assigned a lot number)
  • Certifying (insert name and quantity of each document, e.g. passport, Singapore ID card).[Please note that these must be coloured copies]
  • Completing a DFAT Identity Certificate for (insert names of clients).  [Please note that each client requires a certificate and each certificate must be accompanied by at least one certified identity document.  Your legal representative should advise which documents to list at item (g) of the Identity Certificate. Please note that documents cannot be forward- or back-dated by the High Commission.


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