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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note these are general answers, given as a guide only. Each case is different and requires individual assessment based on immigration legislation applicable at the time of application

Is a Visa Label needed to travel to Australia?

The Australian Government issues electronic visas. All visa records are stored on a central database in Australia. When you check-in to fly to Australia, airline staff electronically confirm that you have a valid visa to travel to Australia before you board the plane. When granted an Australian visa you are issued with a visa grant notice that explains the conditions of the visa including period of validity and entry requirements. You are advised to carry this visa grant notice for your own reference.

Australia's modern electronic visa system does not require you to have a visa label placed in your passport to confirm your immigration status and entitlements in Australia.

For further information see (

In what circumstances might I need a visa label?

Governments of other countries may require you to have a visa label to transit through or to depart their country. In this case, you can request a visa label.  It is your responsibility to confirm other countries' transit or exit requirements before travel to Australia.   The Australian Government cannot advise on other countries' requirements.

Are there other ways to check my visa status?

In Australia, VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) is a secure and free internet service available anywhere, anytime.  It allows you to check your visa details online and provides more information about your visa conditions and entitlements than a label.

Using VEVO is a secure and effective method to confirm  the current status of your visa.  For more information, visit

If your visa is an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), see next question.

I applied for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) online but want to confirm if it is valid. Can you check for me?

If you applied for your ETA on the department’s official website or one of the numerous legitimate commercial websites, and the system indicated your application was approved, then there is no need to check with us. Research has shown that in 100% of ETAs that we have checked when answering such requests, the ETA is valid. In the unlikely event that there is an issue, airlines and the Australian government have systems in place to rectify this at check in. We cannot verify validity of an ETA over the phone for privacy reasons. Options to find out if they still hold a valid ETA:

  • If you applied online for an ETA, you can use the 'Check an ETA' option on the website. You will need the Reference Number displayed when your application for an ETA was approved through this site. If you enter the Reference Number incorrectly, your ETA record will not be found;
  • If you did not apply for your ETA through the ETA website or did not record the Reference Number when your application through the ETA website was approved, you cannot make an enquiry through the ETA website. You will need to contact your travel agent or airline who have greater access to the ETA System and can check for you when you prepare your travel;
  • If the airline or travel agent cannot help, as a last resort, you can email and ask to confirm whether or not you currently hold a valid ETA. You will need to provide your name, passport number, passport country and date of birth.
Why didn't I get a departure stamp in my passport when I left Australia?

As of 1 December 2012, the Australian Government will no longer Port and Date stamp travellers’ passports on departure from Australia unless a stamp is requested by the traveller. This brings stamping processes in line with those currently undertaken for Australian citizens and complements the department's move away from physical visa evidence. Australia issues electronic visas and electronically records all movements of passengers into and out of Australia. All visa records and travel movements are stored on a central database in Australia.

Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?

All nationalities, except Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens travelling with a valid New Zealand passport, need a visa to travel to and enter Australia.Passport holders of many countries also need a visa to transit Australia to a third country. To check if you need a transit visa:

See: for further information. 

Singapore passport-holders may apply for electronic tourist and business visas. These are called Electronic Travel Authorities (ETAs):


I'm not sure what visa would suit my circumstances. Where can I get information? 

The best place to check what visa might suit your circumstances (if any) is by using the "Visa Wizard" in the home page of the Department's main website at  

Can I apply for a visa at the Australian High Commission if I do not live permanently in Singapore?

Yes, but your application may take longer to process and you may be required to attend an interview and provide a number of documents relating to your employment (if any) and reasons for not applying in your home country. In some cases, an application may be referred to our office in your home country for checking.

Do I have to wait ten working days for my visitor visa decision

While the published service standard is ten working days, wherever possible, the Immigration Section will endeavour to decide straightforward and well-evidenced applications on-the-spot. If so, the counter officer will ask you if you would like to wait. However, the decision whether to assess and decide an application on-the-spot is entirely at the discretion of the Immigration Section supervisors/management and is dependent on such things as peak season and other operational demands.  Even if your application was decided on-the-spot last time, you should plan ahead and allow at least ten working days this time. Depending on the circumstances, some applications require additional checking and may take longer - if so, the counter officer will advise you on lodgement.

I applied for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) online but want to confirm if it is valid. Can I call to check?

If you applied for your ETA online via the department's official website or one of the many legitimate commercial websites, and the system indicated your application was successful, then there is no need to check with us. Research has shown that where callers ask us to verify their online ETA approval, in 100% of cases  the ETA is valid. In the unlikely event that there is an issue, airlines and the Australian government have systems in place to rectify this at check in. We cannot verify the validity of an ETA over the phone.

Where can I find information about migrating to Australia?

The High Commission in Singapore processes Family Migration applications but does  not process Skilled Migration applications (these are processed in Australia):

See: and follow the links for comprehensive information.

If I wish to apply to migrate to Australia, how long will the process take?

This depends on the class of migration application. All migration applications are different and times given are indicative only. Some applications are more complex than others.  

Why are the Immigration Section counters only open in the mornings? 

So that staff can focus on making visa application assessments and decisions and take telephone calls during the afternoons.

What documents do I need to lodge with my visa/citizenship application?

The specific requirements are all outlined in the relevant webpages in this website. Please note that providing less information than is indicated in the checklists reduces your chances of having a positive outcome on your application.

What if I don’t have all the documents required to lodge my application?

Checklists are available with application forms and in this website. You should endeavour to provide all of the supporting information recommended in the checklists with your application at time of lodgement. This is especially important for visitor visa applications, as there is no obligation on the Immigration Section to make a request for further information (although as a matter of practice case officers will do so in some cases). If there is information that for some reason you are not able to include, you should include a note explaining why and this will be taken into account. 

If you do want to submit additional information, or have been asked to do so, you can deliver the information personally to the Immigration Section OR place it in the Immigration Drop-Box by the Guard House (available 24/7) OR scan and email it to the Immigration Section at with your receipt number listed in the header OR post it with your receipt number to the office at:

Immigration Section, Australian High Commission, 25 Napier Road, Singapore 258507.

I have been asked to provide evidence of funds. What is acceptable?

Bank statements with a history of savings (including those obtained on-line, showing your name and account number). Records showing a single balance or a lump sum deposit hold little or no weight as evidence of funds. Credit cards also do not show evidence of financial capacity.

I have lodged my visa/citizenship application - how much longer will it take?

When you lodged your application you would have been given a white receipt with a stamp indicating the collection date. You should collect your passport/certificate/decision on or after this date unless otherwise advised. For migration applications, please refer to the web page on migration that includes average processing times.

What are the service standards?

Standard processing times vary depending on the type of visa application. Most applications to the High Commission in Singapore are decided well within published standards. Refer to the individual links on specific visa types for the timeframes.


Does my young child need his/her own application? 

For tourist visas, each individual must lodge a separate application with a separate fee. For business visitor visas, the main applicant can include immediate family members in the same application but should provide evidence of that relationship. 

Can children travel to Australia with only one parent, or without their parents?

Usually yes, however the parents or other parent will need to sign a consent form


Please speak to us about any custody arrangements if you have further questions.

I want to go to Australia for business (perhaps to work, or to run my own company). Where can I find relevant information?


Do I have to use a migration agent?

NO, but if you wish to do so, it is recommended that you use an agent registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority


Will there be special conditions attached to my visa?

The case officer will advise you. All visitor visas have a condition prohibiting work. For domestic helpers accompanying employers on holiday, usually a “No Further Stay” condition (to be signed at the High Commission by the applicant if approved) normally applies. It is not necessary for the employer to come to the High Commission.

Is there a limit to the number of visits my domestic helper can make to Australia?

Policy generally allows only one domestic helper to accompany an employer per visit and usually not more than two visits per year.


Does the Immigration Section waiting area have a photocopier, photo machine or coffee dispenser?

The nearest photographic services are available at Tanglin Mall. The High Commission has a privately supplied and maintained photocopier available for use for a small fee and a coin change machine. Other nearby photocopier services can be found at The British Council.

I have heard about changes to Australian citizenship rules. Where can I obtain information?

Full details are available on the Immigration Department’s main citizenship website


You are also welcome to read local information on the High Commission website


How long will it take to register my child as an Australian citizen?

For straightforward applications, the service standard is ten working days provided a complete application with all supporting information is provided. In some unusual circumstances an application may take longer.

Can I apply for my visa by mail?

You may do so, provided the application is completed, signed and is accompanied by the required fee (cheque or credit card). Documents listed on our website should be included at time of lodgement.

Is there a payphone nearby?

A payphone is located on the Ground Floor, next to the vending machine.

Can I pay by Credit Card?

Application charges can be paid for with Mastercard and Visa credit cards only and NETS is not available.

Can I travel to Australia if my passport is valid for less than 6 months?

Yes. Unlike some countries, Australia does not insist on six months passport validity. However, it is recommended that it should not expire when you are in Australia. You will need a valid passport to leave Australia as well as enter. Some airlines may decline to carry passengers with less than six months validity - you shoukld check with your airline whether this will be an issue for them.

Where can I make suggestions for improvements?

You are welcome to complete a feedback sheet and deposit it in the Client Feedback Drop Box in the waiting room.

Will the High Commission verify documents I provide?

Staff may check any document for authenticity during assessment. Presentation of fraudulent documents is a serious matter and may lead to visa refusal.

Where can I obtain tourist information about Australia?

Your travel agent should be able to assist. There is also a vast amount of relevant information on the Internet. Also you may wish to look at the Tourism Australia website.